Sephora Almond Skincare Socks

Happy 2018!

With this winter season, my skin has felt drier for obvious reasons and my feet have also been feeling it.

I saw this foot mask on the Sephora site and decided to try it out since I have been hearing about foot masks as of late. I have never tried a foot mask before so I was curious to see how it works! The one I purchased was the almond skincare mask and I believe it was limited edition as it was in a cute, festive-like packaging.

According to the instructions, you must apply these on clean feet for 20 minutes.

Once I took the “socks” out of the outer packaging, there was a slight dampness to the touch. I put both socks on and sealed them in as instructed and waited 20 minutes while watching Netflix!

The packaging said that you don’t need to wipe off any excess product and to massage the excess product into your foot. Once the time was up, I did not expect the excess product to be so abundant. My feet felt slimy so I had to get a napkin to wipe off most of what was left on my feet. After wiping my feet, it took about 20-25 more minutes for the rest of the product to absorb and for my feet to not feel like there was something on them.

Overall, the product did do what it claimed to do, that is to repair and soften dry skin. My feet do feel a lot smoother and softer, especially around my heels where they tend to get drier.

Using this foot mask was a great experience for me as it is a nice way to pamper your feet in the comfort of your home in the cold winter months.

Have you tried any other foot masks? If so, let me know if there are others that you recommend!

– Kathy


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