An Open Letter to Residential Tenants


To Whom It May Concern,

My partner is in the property management business and it’s bothersome how often you call and message him.

For all the petty little issues that can be dealt with on your own, you choose to constantly text and/or call to inform him of how entitled you are that your issue is so important and has to be dealt with at this instant.

I’m sorry, but you need to be more respectful of another person’s time. Calling at 1:00am in the morning on a week night is absolutely ridiculous. Even better? Not leaving a message or leaving a message without including your name and building unit you reside in as if he is supposed to know exactly who you are.

Text, text, text.

Sometimes you text him more than I do; isn’t that funny? Do you expect him to drop everything he’s doing just to tend to your problems? Friendly reminder, he has a life too, just like you do.

Oh right, you’re entitled and the whole world revolves around you, so your issue needs to be solved by him at. this. instant. Can you not treat your place as if you are not living in a strata? If your town home garage is not closing, you should not be calling him crying out that your garage is not closing. It’s common sense to call a technician to fix it for you. My partner is a man of many things, but he is not someone who will make a visit to your place to figure out why your garage is not closing.

I am frankly quite appalled at the many ridiculous and petty issues that he has to deal with. I feel sorry for you as a residential tenant that you are not smart enough to figure things out on your own. Sorry, you cannot be spoon fed your whole life.

Doing the best he can at his job, he replies and responds to you right away. Even though we are on a nice dinner, he will have to “take the call” or respond because you have been texting non-stop. I really hate the fact that our time gets affected because you have no respect for his time. Do you really think he would be happy to hear from you during his personal time after a full day of tending to problems already?

Another good example is when we are on vacation. We are having a great time until you leave a billion emails even though he has an out-of-office message. Can a person not have a relaxing not-have-to-worry-about-work vacation? He sure has a hard time with this. You see, he puts a lot of care into his work and he’s good at what he does. He checks his emails on vacation, but I remind him that he shouldn’t. You’re on vacation; relax, have fun! Their problems can wait. He’s always going above and beyond and is probably one of the hardest working property managers out there.

I just wanted to clarify how you are affecting his life. He needs space. Give him space, please. Try to deal with your issues on your own first and if you have already tried unsuccessfully, then perhaps give him a call. And most importantly, be more respectful of his time.

I hope this letter provides you with more of an awareness as a residential tenant. My partner has a life to live. Not a life to tend to your problems every second of every day. Your problems can wait until the morning at least. Try to be more like his commercial tenants. Oh, and it’s better to email him. I would recommend that.

Thanks and have a great day.


– Girlfriend of a boyfriend in property management


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