Is it already the end of 2016?

My last post was a year ago… Has it already been a year?


Looking back, this year was full of ups and downs and I am definitely ready to welcome a new year full of new opportunities and new adventures.

This year I graduated from my program and received 3 scholarships as the icing on the cake. I am so grateful to have met the people and teachers throughout the 2 year program who helped and guided me along the way. I am SO glad to be done with school and will never look at highlighters and daybooks the same again. Prior to finishing the program, we all interned at an agency of choice. My internship went quite well as I was lucky enough to get hired after and I am eternally grateful for the opportunities that have risen from my internship. I am one step closer to getting to where I want to be after deciding to go back to school for something I am passionate about.

In the summer, my family had a reunion where we were able to meet all of the extended family on my father’s side. We had a picnic at a local park as well as a dinner at a restaurant to celebrate and meet people we have never met before. I met a lady who I see during work regularly and it turns out she is a relative of mine!

We invested in a tandem bike. People would probably think we are crazy, but I am not a strong biker and thought that this would be the perfect way to ease back into biking. We got a bit of use out of it by biking down town a few times and just taking in those summer sunsets. Hopefully next year I will invest in a bike and be able to ride on my own!

Our tandem bike!

I started a multi-sport team in the Fall and I enjoyed it after being in floor hockey primarily prior to this. It was great because there were a couple of sports that I had never even played before so this was a way to try out new things. We basically played a different sport each week and the focus was more on having a good time and being able to try new sports.

* 2016 was a year of quite a few travel adventures

In July, I travelled to Los Angeles with Stan where we saw contemporary art, watched an LA Galaxy game vs the Whitecaps (yes, we travelled to LA to watch our home team haha), spent 15 hours in Disneyland (The Cars ride was my favourite!) but unfortunately missed out on the fireworks because the winds were too strong to go on with the show. I was really looking forward to this! We checked out Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles – yes, this is a must. We also caught a LA Dodgers game and had the best style of corn – Elote. Another highlight of this was hiking to the Hollywood sign. It was super hot out, but the views made it worth it. #doitfortheviews

Hike to the Hollywood sign in LA

Come September, we went on a weekend camping trip with some friends to Mystic Beach. We took the Ferry to the island and hiked what seemed like a very long path after arriving in the dark. We literally ate like kings and queens as we (the boys!) lugged a cooler of steaks, corn and potatoes (none of that instant noodle stuff) down to the campsite. It was Stan’s first time camping and he said he wouldn’t do it again. I will convince him!

Steaks, potatoes & corn whilst camping at Mystic Beach

We went to Whistler during Thanksgiving weekend in October and did a short hike to the Train Wreck. We tried Peaked Pies for the first time and am happy to hear that a location in Vancouver has opened up! Suggestion: always get it peaked.

Peaked Pies in Whistler, BC

We headed to Las Vegas at the end of November as an early birthday celebration for Stan’s birthday. Little did we know that the week we went was American Thanksgiving! So we decided to go Black Friday shopping at the outlet-lineups were insane and we left empty handed. We were also able to see the Chainsmokers as we found out they were playing at Omnia and we decided to check it out. Of course the crowd went wild when Closer played-we were sardines in the club, but it was a great time. We hiked at Red Rock Canyon and the rock formations were beautiful. We also went on the Voodoo Zipline at the Rio hotel and this was terrifying for Stan as he is scared of heights. You could witness amazing views of the Las Vegas strip though, however it was cold and windy at this time of the year.

The Chainsmokers in Vegas 11/26/16

Whistler x 2. In early December, we headed up to Whistler to celebrate Stan and Mat’s birthday at a place called Nature’s Door. This place was absolutely beautiful. There was lots of snow up on the mountain, but staying indoors by a cozy fire is what I opted to do! We headed up to Whistler again a couple of weeks after and stayed at the place where we went about 7 years ago. Stan and I had a photo from back then and decided to wear the same thing and take a photo at the same place 7 years later (yes, we’re cheesy like that!).

Winter wonderland in Whistler

This Christmas, I spent it with Stan’s family and it was a big decision for me to make as Christmas is all about spending time with family and I missed out on my family’s celebrations. However, we travelled to Phoenix, Arizona for Christmas and I cannot complain about the nice and sunny weather we had over there compared to the snow and cold we had back at home. We took his parents to the Desert Botanical Garden and saw many many cacti. We also saw a small hummingbird during our walk through the garden and simply took in the beauty of the Arizona desert. We hiked a part of Camelback Mountain and the views were gorgeous! We also saw 10 minutes of the Phoenix vs Dallas hockey game (literally in and then left-this is a story to tell) and checked out the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art where the LOVE sculpture by Robert Indiana is located.

In the Desert Botanical Garden

I love travelling and being able to experience new things and trying out the good eats from other areas. Creating memories and looking back on these experiences and laughing at certain cues or phrases that have become inside jokes between you and your partner is really what travelling is about for me. Also being able to provide the details of each trip gives you the opportunity to share knowledge of what’s good and what to avoid for future travellers!

Travels for 2017 – where will it take me next?

I hope you had a great holiday full of spending time with loved ones and gorging on yummy food. Wishing you all the best for a happy new year!

xo Kathy


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