As I Approach a New Year


I haven’t written a meaningful post in quite some time, but I felt that there are things I would like to get off my chest as we approach a new year. Also, being in the academic program that I am in, reflecting is a huge part of it and what better way to go about this than to reflect on the past year.

It’s hard to believe that another year has come and gone. This year has been a roller coaster for me. I just finished my last academic semester in school and could not be more excited that I will not have to study and write any more final exams!  There were many memories and life lessons that I will cherish and have learned from over the year. I was lucky and able to go to Vegas in the Spring and Mexico in the Summer with my loved ones and I am itching to travel somewhere hopefully in the new year. It has been too long!

Aside from that, and to be honest, I was struggling to find myself this year and over the past few years which may come to be a surprise. I was in school in a program that I have a passion for, but I was more struggling with who I really am. It took me one huge life lesson this year to make me realize that who I was in the past and what I lacked in myself is not the best version of me. This semester at school has also really opened up my eyes of being a true leader and discovering my strengths as a person. My ideal self-image is a concept that I am striving to be and I know that it is highly attainable (Also the inside-out approach and private vs public victories; thank you Covey! I actually paid attention and learned something this time). Change begins from within and I wouldn’t say that I am completely changing who I am, but more so improving and becoming a better and the best version of myself. Sometimes it takes something drastic to happen for someone to really realize things on their own. During the last few months, I’ve realized what I really want in life and realized things about myself through self-reflection to be better. I discovered my sense of direction and I’m becoming an honest version of myself. No one is perfect and everyone has their flaws, but it’s about taking those flaws, working on them and turning them around into strengths. That is not to say that flaws are a bad thing, it’s simply improving on the really negative, not-so-good-for-you-as-a-person flaws. Essentially, this all comes from growing up and maturing as a woman.

Sure, from the outside, it looked like she was perfectly fine. She was smiling. She was laughing. But deep down I was struggling. I am known to be such a happy and smiley person, so when someone sees me not smiling, they question me and they know that something is not right. But don’t worry, I am doing okay now. I’m keeping it together and taking things one step at a time to be that happy person again. And my happiness is surely coming back these days through doing the things I enjoy and realizing my own potential. The time is now. It’s all about changing your mindset. I am just happy and fortunate to have this life to live and grateful for everything and everyone in my life who have been supportive.

For 2016… I will be starting a new Internship venture and could not be more scared and nervous yet excited for what’s to come. I started working on a huge project and will be gaining much needed career related experience. I am also thinking that a new creative outlet opportunity is a possibility in the new year (stay tuned!). Big things poppin’. Things can only go upwards from here.

As I approach this new year, I am confident when I say that I am ready to tackle it head on as daunting as it is. I am ready for anything and everything that this new year has to offer. I am ready for new opportunities, experiences and adventures. I am ready to put myself out there and take the initiative when any opportunity presents itself. I am ready to build on and really appreciate my relationships with others and those I love and not take anything for granted. I am ready to give it my all. Besides, we only have one life to live and it can be taken away from us at any given moment (the world is a crazy, crazy place). This new year and even years to come, I am not going to give up on what I want and will strive to always be better. Nothing ever comes out of sitting back watching the birds fly by and not doing anything, right? I have set my goals and ambitions, I will be putting in my best effort in all that I do, go above and beyond and I will continue to improve myself and inspire others in any way possible to be the best version of themselves. Ultimately, I’m driven to do good and do better from hereon out. And take her word, she’s going to do it. Keep your eyes on her. I also believe in keeping faith that everything will work out the way they should be and that patience is a virtue.

You know, there is no better feeling than looking back on a year and seeing what you have accomplished and I hope that I can look back on 2016 in such a way.

New year, new me.
So now I say goodbye to the old me, it’s already gone
– Justin Timberlake – Mirrors

Courage starts with showing up and
letting ourselves be seen

Brene Brown

[Side note] An earthquake occurred on December 29th and that made me realize how unprepared we are if and when a big one hits us. Thank goodness it was small and we were all okay, but I can’t imagine what would happen and how life would be like when a bigger one comes along… So just keep in mind, never stop showing that you care for those you love and simply tell them that. It’s never too late.

Cheers & have a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!


& a little reminder to myself: stay focused, stay strong, keep faith; above all, stay positive;


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