August 2014 Topbox

 I cannot believe that the end of summer is near . . .

Another month, another box!

I received:


Barefoot Venus Macadamia Oil Hand Cream in Vanilla Shake
– I have been using the lip balm I received in last month’s box from this brand and I am loving it! It was nice to see another product from this particular brand. This hand cream smells quite sweet, however I really do not need another hand cream (I received one from another brand a couple months ago!) This one absorbs right into the skin and doesn’t leave any greasy feeling which is a plus.

LAQA & Co. Bees Knees Sheer Lip Pencil
– I am enjoying the lip pencil/sticks that make up brands are coming out with lately. They are easy to use as you just twist up to bring up more product. This is a minty smelling sheer peachy colour, but I don’t think I will be using it since I have a lot of other lip products that I need to use up first.

Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle Correcting Eye Cream
– Using an eye cream is an important step in the skin care routine. This one absorbs nicely in the skin and a little bit goes a long way.

Belvada Cosmetics Nail Polish Remover Pads
– I received the watermelon scented pads, but my info slip says lemon scented! These are acetone free and perfect for on the go or on vacations when you are wanting to change the colour of your nails.

Overall, this was a decent box as it contained 3 full sized products, but I just wasn’t wowed with the contents. The hand cream is nice, but I received a derma e hand cream a couple of months ago. I am glad that I didn’t receive nail polish though because it seems like every month Topbox has been sending out nail polish to their subscribers. It’s great if you are an avid nail polish junkie, but for someone like me, I have so many polishes that I do not need and would rather receive another product that I could use more often (ie. skin care products).

What did you receive in your August Topbox? What are your thoughts?

Check out what I got in my July Topbox: July 2014 Topbox

If you have any other questions/comments, please feel free to leave one :)

– Kathy


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