July 2013 Topbox

So I stuck with Topbox for another month.. I can’t seem to let go. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the products for this month’s regular box. I once again did not make a wish list for any of the Prive boxes.

The cylinder box came in an envelope this month. New packaging for future Topboxes? I quite enjoyed it wrapped up on its own! I find this envelope too bulky.


Here is what I received:


Belvada Cosmetics One Moment Essential Day Cream
– Upon seeing this product, I was quite surprised as to what it actually was. It contains little gold pearls and is reminiscent of those Orbitz drinks way back when! This is a day cream with pure 24k gold flaks and a pearl protein to “help stimulate blood flow, build up Amino Acids and add a healthy glow to the skin.” Upon applying a dab of this to my skin, it adds a golden glow due to the flakes. I’m not entirely sure if I would use this all over my face as it would be too shimmery in my opinion. It is a day cream, but I’m thinking of using it just as a highlighter on certain areas of my face.

KMS California ADDVOLUME Volumizing Spray
– I have previously received KMS products and have enjoyed using them. This one in particular is a volumizing thickening spray gel and it also adds heat protection to your hair.

China Glaze Nail Lacquer in Keepin’ It Teal
– I was happy to receive a nail polish colour that I do not previously own. I was actually looking for a teal colour and I’m glad that I thought twice before purchasing. It is also nice receiving a colour in this year’s current summer collection from China Glaze. I am looking forward to using this soon!

B. Kamins BB Cream
– I am sure that you have heard of BB/CC/DD creams by now. I have tried a few different BB creams from various brands and I still have not found one that does all that it claims while working with my skin type. I am excited to try this one and see if it really is an 8 in 1. It comes out a tinted nude colour but blends into your skin once applied. It’s also quite a small sample! You could maybe get 3 at most 4 uses? I generally like using a week’s supply of a sample to really get a feel of the product.

What did you receive in your July Topbox?

Check out what I got in my June Topbox:

June 2013 Topbox

If you have any other questions/comments, please feel free to leave one :)

– Kathy


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