Spotlight: Shop Bevel


Shop Bevel is a website that works with independent designers to gain exposure and market their unique jewellery designs to the community.

Shop Bevel was founded by Courtney McColgan, a graduate student at Stanford School of Business. The website started off as an idea for her; she had a network of friends who had a difficult time getting their jewellery designs out to market. She came up with holding competitions where designers could participate, receive votes and have access to selling their designs. Now, Shop Bevel is attracting designers worldwide to help promote and gain exposure of their unique and affordable jewellery pieces for consumers to enjoy.


How the site works exactly is that designers submit their images of their jewellery for approval. Once approved, consumers (you) have the opportunity to vote for your favourite pieces/designs for a certain length of time. Once the voting period ends, the winners will be announced via email and immediately begins accepting preorders. Shopbevel then produces the winners for 4-6 weeks.


For more information, please check it out at:

You can also receive 25% off if you use this discount code at check out provided by the company: BBSTUDS
Note: Discount valid until end of July 2013.

Enjoy :)

– Kathy

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored and powered by Brand Backer. I am not making commission or getting paid to make this blog post.


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