June 2013 Topbox

It is so nice to get a shipping notification email and then receive the Topbox the next day! After opening this month’s box, I am pleasantly surprised at all the products that were included.

I chose the regular topbox and here is what I received:


Belvada Cosmetics Mini Eyelash Curler (Full size)
– This is compact and quite convenient for travelling. It took me a couple of minutes to figure out how to use it though! Upon trying it, this does give my lashes a curl in comparison to that of a regular curler (ie. Shiseido, Shu Uemura).

Benefit Cosmetics Sugarbomb Ultra Plush Gloss (6.5mL)
– I am glad that a Benefit product was included in this month’s box as it is one of my favourite brands (how can you say no to their cute packaging?). It has a sort of peachy scent to it and is a nice sheer, pink, nude gloss with specs of glitter. As for the staying power, it is average unless you find yourself constantly licking or nibbling your lips, this is not for you. I also like that it is in a squeeze tube for easier application.

Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics Fairy Lashes Mascara (Full size 8mL)
– What an interesting name this brand has! I have not previously heard of it, but after looking up this brand, this mascara sounds promising. It is the brand’s first mascara formulated to make eyelashes “flutter and flap” by creating thicker, curvier lashes as well as being water-resistant. I tried it and it does do all that it claims. I am also liking that it is waterproof as these formulas are the only ones my eyelashes will hold a curl.
Tip: Make sure your brush is not overloaded with the product or your lashes can end up looking clumpy and spidery! Also, I do not recommend using more than a couple of coats.

Pari Beauty Colour Cubes in #12 &17
– Of course after opening the plastic wrapping that held these pigments, I had glitter all over my fingers! There is a bronze colour and a midnight blue/charcoal colour. I am not too excited about these as I never use loose/mineral pigments. I just find them to be too messy. They are very pretty though! I will for sure find some use out of these.

Cuccio Nail Lacquer in “Texas Rose”
– This was a replacement product from last month’s Topbox. I had emailed the company because my nail polish looked like it had been opened! (Link to my May Topbox review is below) I actually received a different colour than the one in my May Topbox. This is a pretty pale pink colour and the one I received last month was more of a nude colour. It was very nice of them to send me a new one!

Overall, this was the first topbox in months that I am happy with all the products. Maybe it’s also because a Benefit product was included! It is always a hit or miss with Topbox and I have lately been underwhelmed by the boxes. I also did not participate in the Prive box program; I did not make wish lists for any of them as I found none of them to be appealing. I think I will be cancelling and trying out a different subscription box in the upcoming months. Sad to be leaving, but it’s always nice to try something new, right?

What did you receive in your June Topbox?

Check out what I got in my May Topbox:

May 2013 Topbox

If you have any other questions/comments, please feel free to leave one :)

– Kathy


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