My Trip to Walmart + Coupons

I went shopping at Walmart again. I had a FPC for Nature Valley Thins/Fibre 1 Brownies that was only to be used on July 24th; so I just had to go and redeem them :)

My Haul:

Nature Valley Granola Thins w/ Chocolate Coating = $2.97 – (FPC from websaver) $2.97 = FREE 

Kellogg’s Mini-Wheats Centres in Mixed Berry = $2.97 – $1.00 (websaver) = $1.97

V8  VFusion Pomegranate Blueberry Juice = $3.37 – (FPC from Cereal Box) $3.37 = FREE + $0.08 deposit

Maple Leaf Prime Naturally Chicken Breast = $10.00 – $2.00 (websaver) = $8.00

Skinny Cow Chocolate Truffle Bars = $8.37 – $5.00 (Facebook Coupon) = $3.37

Colgate Optic White Toothpaste = $1.88 – $1.00 (websaver) = $0.88

Total Before Tax: $29.64

Coupons Used: $15.34

Total After Tax: $15.89

About 50% savings! How cool is that? The main reason I went shopping was like I said, to redeem the free Granola Thins coupon that you could only use today. Good thing they were in stock! I am quite interested to see how they taste. I was going to get the brownies, but there were only 5 in the box! The Granola Thins has 10. More bang for your buck! I bet they are tiny though. I was also hesitant to use the Skinny Cow coupon because it was a print out and I wasn’t sure if the cashier would take it, but they did! Everything was regular price, but that’s ok. All in all, a great trip once again.


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