My First “Extreme Couponing” Experience

I have been watching TLC’s Extreme Couponing lately and watching it really opened my eyes; could one really spend hundreds of dollars and just pay less than $10 for all of it because they are able to use “X” amount of coupons? Yes & No. This happens in the States. Unfortunately here in Canada, we aren’t able to stack coupons like they do! Oh well, must make do with what we can find. I took a shopping trip to Walmart & wanted to see what I could get with a bunch of coupons that I have collected.

Here is my haul:

Newman’s Own All Natural Pasta Sauce = $2.97 – $1 off coupon (smart source insert) = $1.97

Canada Dry Green Tea 10 x 355mL pack = $4.12 (+ $.60 deposit) – $1 off coupon (smart source insert) = $3.72

Silk True Almond = $3.97 – FPC (Free Product Coupon) from Cereal Box $3.97 = FREE

Arm & Hammer Crystal Burst Power Paks 50Ct = $5.96 on Sale (Reg $9.97) – $1 off coupon (smart source insert) = $4.96

Vileda Scrub & Go = $2.47 x 2 + BOGO Free Coupon (redplum insert) = $1.24 each

Good N Natural Bar = $1.37 – FPC (smart source insert) $1.37 = FREE

Uncle Ben’s Bistro Express Rice + Rice & Sauce + Buy One Bistro Express Rice & Get One Rice & Sauce FREE Coupon (smart source) = $2.00 + $2.97 – $2.97 = $2.00

Total Before Tax: $$28.90

Coupons Used: $13.78

Total Paid After Tax: $16.93

Not too shabby for a first timer! Any saving is a saving right?
Do you coupon? Would love to hear some tips & tricks of the trade!

– Kathy


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