December 2011 Luxe Box

My December Luxe Box by Loose Button finally arrived in the mail today after receiving an email that they were not able to ship it out quicker/in time. Generally, I am happy with the products that I received in my box. If you are wondering, Luxe Box is a monthly subscription service in which you receive 4-5 beauty samples (Only available for Canadians at the moment).

In my box, I received: Yves Rocher Rouge Dragee Lipstick, Yves Rocher Malaysian Coconut Shower Gel, Paco Rabanne (Lady Million & 1 Million) & a NYX Slim Eye Pencil. Bonus: Loose Button Chocolate Coin

Wow! As always, can’t wait to try everything out. I’m enjoying the full size lipstick & full size eyeliner! The YVES Rocher Rouge Dragee Lipstick is a nice berry colour. It’s creamy and apparently enriched with musk rose oil. This colour is perfect for the holidays! As for the NYX pencil, you can’t go wrong with a black one! Or can you? Can’t wait to see the lasting power on this.

As for the other products, there’s a coconut shower gel that’s a perfect size for travelling. I love coconuts! Also included are perfume samples: Paco Rabanne “Lady Million” for women & Paco Rabanne “1 Million” for men. I’m not too sure why there would be a sample for men in here…. What if you don’t have a husband/boyfriend/guy friend to give it to?! I must say though, the “Lady Million” has a nice floral scent to it. I’m not really big on perfumes, so I may have to give this sample away. (Loose Button, if you must include perfume, please only include ones for women. Men need not apply!)

Overall, I’m pleased with my December luxe box. I watched others on youtube to find out what they received in their boxes and most of them received completely different things! It’s great that not everyone receives the same samples, making for a more customized, personalized box just for you.

Side note: I’ve seen many women complain about their boxes and wanting to cancel their subscription. You obviously won’t get what you want in every box, but that’s why they provide feedback forms for you to fill out. I’m sure the Loose Button team try very hard to cater to everyone. Other wise, why don’t you just go out and purchase what you want yourself? Makes sense. These boxes are provided to give you an idea of all the many different products that are out there to try out. Some brands you may not have even heard of! Also, if you really don’t like the products you received, why don’t you give them to someone else who may enjoy them? As to not let them go to waste. Though you are unsatisfied with this month’s box, next month may be stellar. You never know, that’s why these boxes are a “surprise.” Beggars can’t be choosers! Just my two cents.

Want more information &/or would like to sign up? Check it out:

Luxe Box by Loose Button

Also, my review of the November Luxe Box: November Luxe Box

If you have any questions/comments, please feel free to leave one :)

– Kathy


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