What Does December Mean To You?

The month of December has finally come.

What does that mean to me? Family time, dinners, shopping, holiday baking, Christmas & New Years are just a few of the events that I am excited about this month. I look forward to this month due to all these special events yet it also kind of saddens me that that much time has flown by.

Being with family is one of the most important things to me. You only have one family, right? I love the get togethers and big family dinners that occur this time of the year. I usually only see my extended family once a year during an annual Christmas dinner and it’s definitely nice to see and be around the little ones that are growing up so fast.

Shopping is crazy this time of the year. No doubt about that. Everyone is scrounging around to buy presents for their loved ones and it gets so hectic at the malls. I would like to be one of those “early” shoppers, but I have yet to come up with gifts for everyone. It’s just difficult when you know that everyone has everything, but hey, it’s the meaningful gifts that count the most.

Holiday Baking. If you know me, you know I enjoy baking. I can’t wait to come up with lots of goodies this month! I will definitely try to make some gingerbread cookies one day. How can you not?! If you would like to check out my creations during this month, definitely follow my other blog: delectablegoods.

Have a holly, jolly, Christmas… Christmas is the favourite holiday of the year for a child (besides their birthday, of course). I know it was one of mine! Receiving all sorts of toys when I was younger.. What could be better? But now that I have grown up, I would much rather grab dinner with friends as opposed to exchanging gifts (Like I said earlier, it’s hard to find something for the person who already has everything!). I think you would agree with me that it’s more about spending quality time with friends and family rather than receiving a gift that you may not even need/want. It’s also nice to wake up to a “white Christmas.” Where I’m from, we don’t get many of  those. It’s a good and bad thing; I enjoy building a snowman, snowball fights, sledding, making snow angels and all that fun stuff, but it sucks having to shovel a sidewalk & the driving platform of a garage. This one year where it snowed a ton, it took six of us to shovel the whole area of my house. It was hilarious. We definitely got the job done in a quicker amount of time, but it was almost as if we were an army of ants hard at work. Christmas is definitely a time to come together, eat lots and enjoy each other’s company.

(Pictured: My dog playing outside that year it snowed a ton)

New Years Eve. 3… 2… 1… Happy New Year! New Years is kind of sad I find. I mean it’s exciting that a whole new year is approaching, but that just means another year of getting older & taking on more responsibilities and figuring out priorities. It also means saying goodbye to a year of laughter & tears, but the memories will still remain.  I almost always tear up every year when I hear the “Auld Lang Syne” song after watching the ball drop on tv at Times Square. I don’t know why! Just somethin’ about that song tugs at my heartstrings. Am I the only one?

Anyways, I hope this month brings you happiness & great memories.
What do you like or not like about December?

Until next time…

– Kathy


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