Another month has come and gone, my oh my. 2014 is surely slipping away.. This month’s Topbox was pretty good as I would use all the products except for one as it is a repeat product. This is what I received: Eyeko Black Magic Mascara – I have seen this mascara around and have wanted […]


For my Topbox this month, I received the London Drugs (regular) box. As I recall in the wishlist, there was a section to check off if you lived near a London Drugs and I guess I lucked out by getting this one. This month, I received: Prestige Cosmetics Black Matte 100% Natural Eyeliner (Full size) […]


Summer has come and gone! Another season has quickly approached and I am looking forward to wearing the warm, cozy sweaters and the vibrant colours of Fall. Where I live, the sunshine has still been holding on here and there which is lovely because I am not entirely ready to pack on the layers. I […]


 I cannot believe that the end of summer is near . . . Another month, another box! I received: Barefoot Venus Macadamia Oil Hand Cream in Vanilla Shake – I have been using the lip balm I received in last month’s box from this brand and I am loving it! It was nice to see […]


The past couple of Topboxes have been pretty good, value wise. This month however…. I am feeling very underwhelmed. I received: CND Vinylux Weekly Polish in Hollywood – I have not previously heard of this brand, but I was surprised to receive a nail polish and a top coat from the same brand. It has […]


Haaaaay Summer! So excited that warm, glorious sunshine will be bracing us with its presence consistently soon (where I live, it has been on and off). This will be a busy summer for me and I definitely look forward to it! Now on to the Topbox… I chose the regular one yet again and here […]


What is Influenster? “An exclusive online community where tastemakers and trendsetters come to share the latest and greatest news, places, products, and reviews with each other.” By connecting your social media accounts, you can earn points. The higher your Influenster score, the more likely you are to receive free products to test out.” After receiving […]


I received the regular box this month and chose to opt out of the Prive options as none of them interested me yet again. However, this box was actually pretty good. They are all products I will be trying out. Topbox has certainly stepped up its game for this month and I am quite pleased. I […]


I was happy to receive the Spring 2014 beauty box from Elle Canada. I previously received the Fall 2013 box and was quite pleased with the products included. This is another great box full of products that I am going to try and use. I received: – Pantene Pro-V Repair & Protect Shampoo and Conditioner – […]


So happy that the weather is getting warmer and the sweaters can be put away! Another month has gone by and another box of beauty products to look forward to. However, this month was a bit of a disappointment yet again. Topbox, what is going on with you? You’re definitely losing your touch. I received: […]


I got chosen to receive the UniVoxBox; what better way to start the year? This box is catered towards university students and I am glad I got the opportunity to receive these items. I went back to school at the beginning of this year and this is a great box that contains essentials for a student. […]


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